Breed Fee

Announcing Introductory Breeding Fees for Two AWESOME Additions to Snow Diamond's Stud Row

It's true!  We're offering breeding fees of just $1,500 for Innsbruck (black) and Perfect Storm (white), the newest additions to Snow Diamond's Stud Row!

The magnificent Perfect Storm has been with us from the beggining (his beginning, anyway), as he was the result of pairing one of our prized dams, Snowmass Matrix Perfection, with the amazing Snowmass Defiance. Perfect Storm is fine, very uniform, dense, soft and all the rest of it. He's one beautiful male.

While we can't take credit for the breeding that made Innsbruck, we at least had the good sense to buy him when the opportunity came up. For the record, Innsbruck is a product of Red Granite's breeding program, and we purchased Innsbruck from Tina Bars of Stellar Alpacas, who bought him at The Futurity auction earlier this year.

To celebrate our good fortune, we're offering you the opportunity to snap up a good deal when you see it, too. And $1,500 for a breeding to these boys is definitely a sweet opportunity! But you have to ACT NOW, because the offer is good only during June. The breeding doesn't have to take place in June, as long as you sign a breeding contract and submit a $500 nonrefundable deposit in June, which will hold the breeding for a year. When this offer expires, fees for both males will be $2,500. To take advantage of this breeding special, contact Don or Sharon at Snow Diamond Alpacas. We will answer your questions and send you a contract to get the ball rolling.
Both Perfect Storm and Innsbruck are multiple champions with impressive stats and EPDs, and both came from elite genetics. For more info go here for Perfect Storm and here for Innsbruck.

Updated October 18, 2019