This section will continue to expand as we come across resources that we think others would be interested in. It may be a book, magazine article, website, blog, essay or anything else related to alpacas. If we found it to be useful, we'll offer it here so that you can benefit from it, too.

No list of valuable alpaca resources would be complete without the two books that top this list. We have read these two books, we keep them handy, and we refer to them often.


The Complete ALPACA Book, by Eric Hoffman with contributing  authors
ALPACA Field Manual by C. Norman Evans, D.V.M.


Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association
Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies (or your regional AOBA affiliate)
Alpaca Registry Inc.
Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America (AFCNA)


ALPACA Magazine, published by Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association. Go to for more information and/or to subscribe.


Here is a really good article on alpaca reproduction given to us by our vet, Mike Gotchey. The article, by Gregg P. Adams, DVM, PhD, DACT, is on the Veterinary Information Network, but  you can access it here.

"Nobody Told Me" not only is a John Lennon song, but it's also an AlpacaNation forum posting by Kimberly Brummitt of Doubletake Farm in Ohio. Kimberly's message struck a chord with us as it did with a number of readers. See the post and the responses here and enjoy!


Updated October 22, 2019