Alpaca Tutorial

There are two breeds of alpacas – suri (pronounced surrey) alpacas, which have long,silky, penciled fiber that looks like dreadlocks (pictured first, below), and huacaya (pronounced wah-KI-yuh) alpacas, which have fine, dense, crimpy fiber that is more fluffy in appearance. All of Snow Diamond's alpacas are huacayas.

Alpacas are much easier to care for than most other livestock, and their fleece is processed into a luxury fiber used in high-fashion garments, casual wear and home accessories.

Alpaca breeders value the rural lifestyle and satisfaction that comes from raising these gentle animals. They enjoy the camaraderie with other breeders throughout the country, and they like sharing what they’ve learned with new breeders. Many were attracted to alpacas because their ultimate value comes from their fiber, not their meat.  

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Updated October 18, 2019