Spinners are a special lot. They spend hours turning fiber into yarn, and then they spend more hours turning yarn into the loveliest gifts and garments you'll ever see . . . sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, cowls, blankets and such. All special, all beautiful and all hand-made, from start to finish. Imagine how satisfying that is!

And all the while, they share their knowledge, experience, talent and advice to novices who can only marvel at what they see.

So it was on Sunday, Dec.10th, when members of the Nothwest Regional Spinners Association gathered at Snow Diamond Alpacas to celebrate the holidays, meet fam visitos to our Open Barn Weekend, and do what they like best: spin and share their craft with others.The NwRSA is a four-state network of local oganizations that promotes the art and craft of handspinning, gives handspinners an opportunity to share, learn, educate and work together on a regional basis and so much more. Learn more at https://www.nwrsa.net.

Thank you, dear spinners. We can't wait for the next time!

Updated October 18, 2019